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Nature photography by John Langley ARPS & Tracy Langley ARPS

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Sunart - June 2013

Last summer we spent some time on the Sunart peninsular, on the West coast of Scotland. We enjoyed it so much that we returned again for a week at the end of June this year, hoping to see butterflies and pine martens.

Green-veined white

The Scottish speciality Chequered skipper butterfly was one of our prime targets

The Small pearl-bordered fritillary shared the skippers’ ancient oakwood habitat

Snipe used the fence posts as look-out points in the early morning

The garden of our cottage was home to a couple of pairs of crossbill

There were at least 7 different pine martens and it was thrilling to watch their antics as individual characters soon started to emerge

A youngster was nervous to begin with …

… but after a better look at us …

… it soon realised we were friendly and relaxed

One was fairly bold and easily recognisable by the nick its left ear

An older male was quite inquisitive

Then he showed off his tree-climbing prowess

Then he brought a lady-friend to dinner