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Nature photography by John Langley ARPS & Tracy Langley ARPS

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Isle of Mull - November 2019

On this trip we concentrated on looking for otters in the area around our cottage. As the days were short we spent most of the daylight hours walking the sea and loch shores, with occasional trips back to our cottage to warm up as the weather was pretty cold. During the two weeks we saw at least 5 different otters.

We found an old friend who we have seen for several years, identifiable by the battle scars on her nose. She took frequent naps and rolls in the seaweed.

She often explored the rocks just off the shore.

We spent most of our time with a mother and cub, managing to follow them most days as they fished up and down the coast for hours at a time.

They frequently came ashore with fish to eat. Mum would catch a small fish and drop it in the shallows for the cub to practice fishing skills. Sometimes the thrashing fish would be caught by the cub, sometimes it got away.

After she ensured the cub had food, mum often left it on the shore while she went out fishing. Sometimes it would play in the shallows, on the rocks or the seaweed. Other times it would take a nap.

When mum returned, she would make loud squeaking noises to locate the cub.

Then there would be plenty of boisterous play accompanied by loud chittering.

After the play-fighting, mum sometimes took a nap with the cub. One time she used it as a pillow.

After a rest the pair would investigate the beach. Sometimes they crossed a road to check out the ditch on the far side.

At times one or other of them would come within feet of our hiding place amongst the rocks.