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Nature photography by John Langley ARPS & Tracy Langley ARPS

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Scotland - Arran & The Highlands January 2013

We spent the first week on the Isle of Arran, off Scotland’s west coast.  The island had a lovely tranquil atmosphere and we hardly saw another person all week.  During our time there we worked on our otter stalking skills by following two different otters as they fished along the shore line. Both otters would fish for hours at a time, taking the odd few minutes nap along the way. We calculated that we had an otter in our sights for a total of about 15 hours. Most of the time they were well out to sea, but very occasionally they caught a large fish that could only be dealt with by coming into the shore.

We spent the next two weeks at Ballintean, Glenfesshie, in the Cairngorms. We spent most of our time in the hides run by NORTHSHOTS targeting the enigmatic red squirrels, along with crested tits, great-spotted woodpeckers and treecreepers. We were fortunate to have just a nice covering of snow - a small amount lying on the ground with occasional snow showers, but not too much to make driving difficult.

It’s not too often that, given the choice of 2 or 3 woodpeckers to aim our lenses at, we’ll turn them down. However, when a treecreeper started to call in to the woodpecker site it was a tough choice to make. It made life easier on the one occasion that both birds were on the same tree at the same time !

Occasionally we left the protection and tranquility of the hides to explore the local area.

In particular we spent several days trying to find Capercaillie. In the end he found us !