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Diary 2013


At home the weather was so inviting we took the chance to go for a wander up our local mountain before the next storm blew in.


Sunset on the deserted North Wales coast.  When we go out to shoot landscapes we try to find different viewpoints.

Some call it anti-social behaviour, others call it competition.  We call it a partnership - making the most of new opportunities.   



We visited a well known local spot to look for some autumn colour and the weather helped to make the image.

Our photo shoot was curtailed by a vicious hale storm and a week or so afterwards most of the leaves were blown off the trees in a gale.


We spent a few weeks on the west coast of Scotland. Click on the picture below for more images.


Autumn is a good time for fresh specimens of several butterflies. The flowers in our garden seem to be attracting good numbers.

Red admiral

Red admiral

Red admiral

Speckled wood

Small tortoishell



Our latest book has just been published - click on the image for further details

We were pleased to hear of a success in the British Wildlife Photography Awards - Tracy’s image of a pair of rutting fallow deer stags was chosen by one of the judges, Steve Watkins (editor of Outdoor Photography Magazine) as his Editor’s choice.


In the Peak District, an early morning hike was rewarded with several close encounters with red grouse

We managed to track down 24 different species of butterfly during a week in the Lake District. They were quite a challenge to photograph because they barely rested in the very hot sunny weather

Red admiral

Common blue


Meadow brown


White-letter hairstreak

Painted lady


High brown fritillary

Scotch argus


We’ve just returned from a month in Scotland. Our first week was spent on the isle of Mull - click on the image below for the gallery.

 The second week was spent on the Sunart peninsular (click on image for gallery)

The final week and a half were spent in the Scottish Highlands, mainly the Cairngorm region (click on image for gallery)


Whilst exhibiting at the Cosford Air Show, we took the opportunity to test our reactions on the red arrows display team.

We spent a day in Mark Hancox’s little owl hide. Both birds paid frequent visits during the early morning and evening as they were nesting in the oak tree above the hide.


We returned to mid Wales for a few days to photograph pied flycatchers and redstarts.

We thought the pied flycatchers were very confiding, but the redstarts were even more so

- the male came to feed on Tracy’s wriggling worms !


It was a busy place - the same area of wall was also frequented by nuthatches and a bank vole


To escape the wet and cold spring in North Wales, we took a few weeks off in Cornwall and concentrated on landscape photography in this beautiful part of the UK famed for its light.

The weather ? Cold and windy but at least dry in the main.

We spent an afternoon at Gigrin Farm. There wasn’t too much blue sky around so we mainly concentrated on the birds flying across the land and diving for the food

At home in Snowdonia, there’s still plenty of snow up on the Glyderau

And on the Snowdon Horseshoe


With the recent snowfall, our local church seems more isolated than usual

Lichens adorn the church roof and gravestones


We’ve succumbed to a contagious illness - we’ve caught the landscape photography bug !

A dark and frosty start this morning was rewarded with a lovely view of Penmon Point.

Back at home, we visited Anglesey one evening and enjoyed a Celtic sunset on the atmospheric Llanddwyn Island



We’ve just returned home from 3 weeks in Scotland. Click on the picture below to see some images

Red squirrel - Click to enter Scotland Gallery